Useful information 
about safety during 
construction work in the area of networks

Contractor obligations

What general obligations do civil engineering contractors have before starting a construction project?

The civil engineering contractors have the duty to inquire and the duty to maintain safety before the start of the construction project.

Duty to maintain safety

Must traffic safety at construction sites be controlled?

At least twice a day on working days, at least once a day on non-working days and immediately after storms or bad weather.

How must the traffic signs used at the construction site be procured?

Traffic signs with insufficient visibility (more than 20% damaged film surface) must not be used.
Signage used must bear a RAL quality mark.
Placement of the traffic signs before the start of the construction project.
As a general rule, signs must not be positioned within the roadway.
The side distance should be 0.50 m in urban areas but in no case less than 0.30 m and 1.50 m outside urban areas.
In der GW129 Schulung erfahren die Teilnhemer wichtige Informationen über die Verkehrssicherungspflicht im Arbeitsbereich von Netzanlagen

Technical Rules for Workplaces according to ASR A5.2

What is the topic ASR A5.2 about?

The Technical Rules for Workplaces have been defined in ASR A5.2. At the same time, it is the dimensioning of the safety distance to minimise hazards to workers on roads. These are also defined in the rules.

Construction machinery operator

Who is allowed to operate construction machinery?

In principle, construction machinery may only be operated by persons who have reached the age of 18 years. An additional qualification to operate the machines must also be provided in writing by the employer.

Duty of care

Which obligations do contractors have before the start of the construction project?

The contractor shall inform himself about existing underground installations and lines in the area of the construction site. The technical suitability of the deployed personnel is another prerequisite.
In der GW129-Schulung erhalten die Teilnehmer wichtige Tipps im Rahmen der Erkundigungspflicht bei Arbeiten an Versorgungsleitungen

Duty to inquire

How must the on-site exploratory measures of the contractor be correctly implemented?

How must the on-site exploratory measures of the contractor be correctly implemented?
Safe exploration of the existing underground lines is possible using exploratory slit trenches in manual
excavation. Exposure of the lines must be carried out with extreme caution.
The use of blunt tools is recommended, as damage is guaranteed during the exploration process.

What indications are there of existing lines on roads?

Information signs indicate existing line networks. These are often attached to house walls, street signs
and lamp posts, clearly visible.

Important behavioural rules in the event of unexpected encounters with lines and systems.

In such situations, construction activity should be stopped immediately.
The network operator should be informed about this as soon as possible

Work on fibre optic cables

What do I do if a fibre optic cable is damaged?

Immediate safety measures must be taken (e.g. cover the damaged area with dark foil). Direct eye contact with emerging laser light should strictly be avoided (risk of blindness). Ask outsiders to keep a safe distance.
Der richtige Umgang bei Arbeiten rund um die Verlegung von Glasfaserkabeln ist Bestandteil der GW129 Schulung der Firma Schaufelmann

Work near power lines

Safety rules for working near live overhead power lines

Safety distances from live power lines must always be complied with. Contact with or damage to a high-voltage line does not necessarily cause the power line to be disconnected.

Behavioural rules in the event of damage to a power cable

Ask people outside the machine to keep a safe distance (voltage funnel). Do not touch the driver's cab of the affected work machine and do not leave it under any circumstances. Danger to life!
Die Vermittlung von Sicherheitsregeln bei Arbeiten an Stromleitungen ist Bestandteil der GW129 Schulung

Work on natural gas pipelines

Who is allowed to carry out work on gas pipelines?

Work on gas pipelines must only be carried out by suitable, reliable and instructed persons. The contractor is responsible for the selection of the personnel.

What are the characteristics of natural gas?

Natural gas is lighter than air. The ignition range for gas/air mixture is between 4 - 17%. It is naturally odourless, odorised from the gas transfer station with an additional warning odour.

Behavioural rules in the event of damage to a gas pipe

Falls es zu einem Gasbrand kommen If a gas fire occurs, there is no danger of explosion at that moment. If there is no danger, the gas flame should not be extinguished. When rescuing people, the gas flame must be extinguished.
Teilnehmer der GW129 Schulung erhalten wichtige Verhaltensregeln bei Beschädigungen von Gasleitungen während der Bauarbeiten

Work on water pipes

What must be observed when working on water pipes?

In the case of pipe joints that are not restrained by longitudinal forces, the resulting axial forces are absorbed by concrete abutments.
There is also a risk of full or partial exposure of abutments.

What is the right thing to do if the water pipe is damaged?

Clear all persons from excavations and deeper lying areas.
Water supply company must be informed immediately.
Tipps für Arbeiten an Wasserleitungen gibt es bei der GW129-Schulung mit Zertifikat

Work on district heating pipes

What must be observed when working near district heating pipes?

The permissible free digging lengths and safety measures specified by the network operator must be observed.
In the case of excavations with shoring, this must be suitable, as the forces acting on the shoring from the district heating pipe must be absorbed.
Besonderheiten bei Bauarbeiten im Bereich von Fernwärmeleitungen werden im Rahmen der GW129 Schulung anschaulich erklärt

Behavioural rules in the event of encountering explosive ordnance

How do I act correctly if I encounter explosive ordnance?

The construction work must be stopped immediately.
Notify the client immediately.
In parallel, the police and explosive ordnance disposal must be informed immediately.

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